Frequently asked questions about cotons

How long do Cotons normally live?

The average lifespan of a Coton de Tulear is roughly 14-16 years, although there have been a few who live to be 18 years old. Great care goes a long way in the lifespan of any animal.

Since Cotons have hair, not fur, are they hard to care for?

We brush/comb out our Cotons a couple of times a week. If you let them go much longer, their hair can get matted, making it more difficult to brush. They don’t usually give us much trouble in the bath, other than a splash or two…! Hair dryers? No problem! At about 6-9 months of age they “blow” their puppy coat and you may wonder what you got yourself into. But hang in there, it gets better. Regular brushing is helpful during this time. Some Coton owners opt for a puppy cut during this time. A puppy cut is where you trim the body hair to approximately 1″ long all over. It is easier to brush and helps to eliminate those nasty knots and matting.

What about barking?

Our Cotons don’t usually bark an inordinant amount. They will, however, let you know when someone knocks at the door, or if something appears out of the ordinary. They are like a built-in security alert system!

Are Cotons good family pets?

Absolutely! They have great rapport with all of our children, ages 7- 27! They warm up to strangers pretty easily, too. But, like with any other pet, it’s important to teach children how to properly handle them.

How hard are they to train?

Cotons are very intelligent animals, able to quickly learn commands and good habits. Our family Cotons do some pretty cool tricks, too. We recommend positive reinforcement training for best results. Our Cotons frequently entertain us with tricks like walking on their hind legs, rolling over, and the always entertaining ‘Coton Zoomies!’ If you have 2 or more Cotons, you will soon find out about ‘zoomies!’ They are natural entertainers.

How can I get one of your Cotons?

Estrella Mountain Cotons is extremely interested in preserving the integrity of the breed. Therefore, we personally place each of our Cotons only after thorough screening. If you are interested in purchasing one of our pups, click here and we will be in touch!

How long does it usually take to get one of your Cotons?

Well, that’s a great question. Please contact us for current puppy availabilty. We are as picky about placement as you are about getting a quality dog! Puppies are typically placed in their new homes when they are 10-12 weeks old.

A little bit of history……

Chase & Iffy - June 2011

The Coton de Tulear developed on the beautiful island of Madagascar and is still the island’s national dog. The Coton’s ancestors were probably brought to Madagascar in the 16th and 17th centuries aboard pirate ships. Madagascar was a haven for pirates, and pirate graveyards can still be seen there.

Pirates established a base on St. Mary’s Island, Madagascar, and some of them took Malagasy wives. Whether the dogs were brought along to control rats on the ships, as companions for long voyages, or were confiscated from other ships as booty, no one knows for sure.

What we do know, though, is that you are about to fall in love with one of the most amazing breed of dogs on the planet!

Don’t like shedding dogs? Well, you are in for a surprise! Cotons have hair, not fur.  Like a Poodle or Havanese, Cotons seem to have very low allergic effects, making them perfect for folks who love dogs but don’t like sneezing!

We believe that Cotons make the best pets! If you have questions, or would like to receive more information about Estrella Mountain Cotons, just click here and we’ll contact you with relative immediacy. Thanks again for your interest in Estrella Mountain Coton de Tulears!